FlashPunk Games Competition Entry

2010-12-08 12:47:23 by Chrisness1472

Hi everybody. So I recently entered the FlashPunk community competition. We had 72 hours to make a game themed around flashpunk. FlashPunk is a library for making sprite based games, like box2d with physics, but different :P. So anyway we had the restrictions of only being allowed to make a 96 by 96 pixel game, but being allowed to up scale it. 96 by 96 pixels isn't a large number of pixels to work with, so I'm proud of what I managed to get done. Anyway, I present you with PunkTron Defender!

FlashPunk Games Competition Entry

Fort Zombie Forever

2010-11-17 08:54:41 by Chrisness1472

Okay, its not going to go all Duke Nukem, but I am deciding due to the huge scope of it, to put in on hold to do a Christmas game or two :P

Stay tuned folks..

Not Gonna Make It!!!!!!

2010-10-30 08:28:04 by Chrisness1472

Looks like I'm not going to be able to get the game out for Halloween, which is a shame because it would've fit the halloween theme perfectly. However I'm not planning to cut corners on this just to meet a seasonal deadline! I'm hoping this is going to be as awesome as I think it will be, especially considering the amount of time I'm putting into it.

Anyway, a little about it. It's going to be similar...ish to games such as endless war and the like, however, the objective will be purely defensive and time based.

There will also be more depth in the form of economy, persistent units that can be leveled up and upgraded as well as different parts of your base that can also be upgraded. So far I'm only partially through the actual game engine programming, so I can't really estimate how much longer it will be. But I'm hoping it will be done in less than a fortnight. :O

And to anyone who played my first game, I'm going to try my best to make some less repetitive and more enjoyable music to go into my game!

- Until next time.

Not Gonna Make It!!!!!!

Next game on the way!

2010-10-13 12:01:54 by Chrisness1472

My next game is going to involve a fort, some trees, and maybe a few zombies! It shall be called..


Very original I know :P

P.S. thankyou to Newgrounds for the warm reception to my first game!