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Dromad Dromad

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simple game-play that works well.

Its a really nice game play mechanic. And the music is great :D

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Into Space! Into Space!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good game.

This is a good game, the art style is very nicely done.

However I have found a bug in your game, it seems that occasionally when the score screen appears a glitch can occur that causes your sponsor to be called up every time you click. If you fix that I'm sure it'll cause less frustration for players.

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Space Gold Farmer Space Gold Farmer

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I actually quite liked it, it was challenging enough, yet not too challenging.
I was impressed with the particle engine you used. Did you make it yourself or was it a downloaded API?

Anyway, the graphics for the rest of the game could use a bit of work, as they looked like they only took about 3-5 mins tops, other than that it was fun!

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Version2 responds:

The particle system actually came from another experiment I was doing. My old system was large, slow, and a pain to use. When I saw Archawns's thread in the forum about a 10KB game I decided to strip it down to the bare minimum I needed to make it work. I went from 3 external AS files down to a simple 4 functions, lol! I'll probably be making a thread in the Flash forums soon and share the code with everyone, it's insanely simple now.

The graphics are all handled thru the graphics API, using beginFill() and lineTo(). They would look way better if I drew them on my tablet, but the point of the challenge this game was entered in was to not have any library assets. Figuring out all the points and lines needed to do the graphics in code took me the better part of day. If I had been hand drawing this I would completely agree with you tho :P

Fatal Trap 2 Fatal Trap 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This could be an amazing game, but you need to take into consideration quite a few aspects.

Firstly however congratulations on the 3d aspect, I can imagine that was a real pain to make. But seem to have rushed the rest of the game after this, I've pointed out a few problems below:

1. Immensely fast reaction times.
The time the player is given between when the enemy appears and when he starts shooting, is nigh on instantaneous. People playing flash games, may not have extremely sensitive mice and may not be gaming pro's, so this can make for an impossibly difficult game. (solution: try introducing a random timer before the people shoot)

2. Instantaneous appearance.
This kind of bugged me, the characters appeared out of no where, just flashing on at the designated location. I can appreciate animation is not for everyone, and it does take time, but consider downloading and using a tweener class, and setting up an inTransition() function for you enemies to use to get them to their designated area.

3. Reload cover?
What I think is cool in a scrolling fps is when you can hold reload and you actually take cover for a short period of time, this enables give the player a chance to think and update their strategy. Again this would involve additionally animating moving behind cover, but I think the return is well worth it.

4. Health/Ammo.
Self explanatory, a few health and ammo pick ups would be useful!

All in all not a bad game, going by the first review I hope this doesn't get blammed, but If you want to make this a hit I really think you need to think about making the game more player friendly.

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Mkassas responds:

Thanks for playing and dau Your opinion is very important .. i updated it was easier

Void Filler Void Filler

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good Idea

I think the idea works really well, and I believe you could be onto a hit here, but you'd have to incorporate a few aspects before you did.

Firstly as there not an awful lot to you game graphically (basically 4 movie clips including the ground), I think it'd go down a lot better if you were to spend some time making the blocks look really good.

The other thing that concerned me was that the motion of the stack seemed to be completely random, the timing for when it moved also seems a bit random, if this was intentional fair enough, but some degree of familiarity can be good in a game.

Music wise, I'd also consider getting some ambient peaceful back ground music, they normally go quite well in these sorts of games.

But all in all not a bad Idea, keep up the good work!

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fopgames responds:

Thanks a lot pal, I'm new to flash, Yup I'm working on graphics skills, I love BG but I don't have much idea, I'm seriously that level of noob, I'm just somewhat good at scripting.

Zombies versus Pumpkins Zombies versus Pumpkins

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Room for improvement.

For a solo project its a pretty good game! But theres a couple of things I found playing it that I would like to bring up.

Firstly, I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug, but when you get a second lightning bolt while your first one hasn't yet finished, it doesn't do anything. I think it would make it more fun, if the electric fence timer reset from the beginning if you get a second lightning bolt.

Secondly, although I fully appreciate how hard music is to come by, especially when your working solo on a project such as you have. And I Have noted the mute button. But I believe good music is a huge part of a gaming experience, and the loop used in this game I found to be just a bit too short, to the point it did get a bit repetitive and irritating. I would recommend trying to find a slightly longer loop with perhaps a bit more depth to it.

All in all though the graphics and game play are pretty solid so considering its a solo project, I gave you an 8. I hope my comments can help you with future projects or any bug fixes.